January ennui

I don't know about you, but I am tired. I think it's January syndrome. We should be soft, quiet and resting at this time of year don't you think? It's hard to get motivated right now. I was full of plans for making new work recently, but January has got me and I am feeling very sleepy and struggling to motivate myself to anything much.
Also, I'm poor (again) so I am not able to buy materials to make new work until next month. One thing I am doing though is learning to code. I'm using Processing which seems like a good programme for visual stuff. I'm also quite keen to start exploring Arduino tech and will hopefully and finally get my Raspberry Pi up and running. Honestly, I've had the damn thing for about 4 years and done nothing with it so far. It's quite pathetic of me. I have everything I need to play with it except a monitor to hook it up to. I'm hoping that I might be able to borrow a monitor from work and get it all going.
I want to explore this tech with my weather work and I also want to look at ways of incorporating tech into the autism dolls that I'm working on right now. I have some ideas about sensory issues that I want to explore. So much to do, so little energy to do it.
Dear Winter, do bugger off, dear Spring, please come quickly!


Shape Arts Open 2017

I'm going to be exhibiting at the 2017 Shape Arts Open (opening on Thursday 19 January and continuing until Thursday 2 February 2017).
I've got to travel down on Monday by train and am really hoping that this thrilling #snowmageddon "sweeping" the UK will have passed by then and the trains are working ok.
I'm taking these fellows with me

What happened?

What happened?
What happened to this blog?
What happened to all those sharing posts way back in the early days? You know, the rants about being an artist, the trying to get shows, the frustrations and joys of making work.
What happened to the excitement and innocence of that?
What happened to blogging?
Where have all the sidebar friends gone?
Why does everybody use their blog to make money?
What happened to the community that I was a part of?
What happened to me?

I got older.
I got sidetracked.
I got busy.
I got tired.
I got isolated.
I stopped making meaningful work.

I got scared.

I got complacent and then frustrated.

Mostly, I got self-conscious.
And a lot more boring.

I thought my blog should be the place where I show work 'professionally.' And I couldn't be bothered to create a proper website. But the thing is, I think that I am discovering that I don't like professional. I prefer heart and soul. Honesty and gut reactions.
I have so much to tell you, so much to say. Even more to show you. All that damn beauty out there, all the stuff I want to make.

I think I'm going to start blogging again. Properly. Like in the old days......


All the Wrong

Sketchbook drawing for new work - 'carrying all the wrong'

Ribs and Bones

Yesterday was sunlight, ribs and bones. Soaring gracefulness, elevated joy, subtle complexity.

Walk through the autumn garden

Got to spend an hour or so in the garden this afternoon. I hardly went into the garden this year - not a mistake I will ever repeat again. No matter how hard I am working daily nature connection is vital for a happy soul.
So walk with me down the garden path. It's a dull late autumn day but it's mild and very quiet and we have the place to ourselves...

Rain Painting

new Rain Paintings

Make Lemonade....

There is some silly quote about life giving you lemons so make lemonade. I say when life gives you days of rain, make rain paintings...


What is going on.... my life?
well, I'm curating The Library of Lost Books
designing websites
beginning a new business
avoiding any exercise (and eating crap)
using Facebook (despite my avowal never to)
tweeting The Library of Lost Books, (but not enough)
spending money
dreaming about my summer holiday (Lake Como in Italy)
reading Robert Crais - over and over
dreaming bad dreams and waking up nervous




I have been print-making all day.

I'm making some chapbooks to sell and raise some money for The Library of Lost Books.

They are made from pages taken from a book called I Codici e le Arti a Monte Cassino published in 1870, which makes the paper I'm printing on 142 years old!. It was a Birmingham Library skip find of course, and in pretty bad shape when I got it.

The prints are made by cutting images into erasers.

The book has a working title of A Pagan Chapbook.

Pages drying on the clothes airer. Sophisticated studio practice!


Ice pictures

Finally, it is cold enough for me to make some more ice pictures. These are going to be made into little books, which I will exhibit in Leeds in March.
This picture shows the original inspiration for the ice pictures - the desire to capture somehow the beautiful frost patterns made on my shed-cum-studio windows

This is an image of the ice crystals taken inside the shed.

A couple of days ago I painted a blue square on the window,
you can see the ice crystals growing over it now.

And this is an ice painting. The crystals of ice make
patterns into the wet ink. Made outside at 6am this morning.

All the paintings made this morning.