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Stay-at-home solidarity socks.

Around August 2018 I started making a new piece of work, the Ambit project, for Neither Use Nor Ornament (NUNO), which I have written about previously on this blog. The project involved several walks during which I would knit the object, a representation of the white road, in woollen sock yarn. This was a fairly epic undertaking; the finished object was almost 488 inches long (nearly 40ft) by 7 inches wide and knit on 4mm needles. The knitting took around 6 months to complete.

For many reasons, this project never achieved it's intended outcomes. Some planned walks never happened, others had to be abandoned or routes changed. The work itself was as I planned it, but didn't work in the allotted space, my fault for not physically scoping out the space before committing to the design.

On the other hand, other parts of the project were great; I really enjoyed being part of the cohort of artists that were involved and got to work quite closely with NUNO curator and artist Sonia Bou…

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