Observations recorded on a walk in Northumberland.

As I walked along the Northumberland Coast path from Bamburgh Castle, the trail turned inland for a while.

Walking across fields and down a farm track I made an audio recording of the things I could see and hear as I walked along. The following is the transcript of this recording.

"House Martin. Crow. Chaffinch song.
Lots of St Mark's flies.

An impression in the grass where a Fox has rested.

Cow Parsley just starting to flower.
Two Skylarks singing.
Dandelions. Plantain. Nettles and Docks.
Hedge of Hawthorn.
Elder tree.

Another field of Wheat.

Listening to Skylarks is like having gold and jewels in your ears.

A grassy field with ewes and lambs.
Some Buttercups.
Flashing by of an unidentified brown butterfly.

A Wall butterfly.

A Pied Wagtail flies overhead.
Wall butterfly.

On a tarmacked path between fields of wheat and pasture.

A Swallow.
Unidentified white butterfly.
Hedgerow of Hawthorn and Elder.
Same border plants; Dock, Dandelion, Cow Parsley, various grasses, Vetch, Nettle, Bramble.

10 minute rest stop beside the tarmacked path between two farms, one arable, the other livestock.
Sheep grazing.
No Human sounds.

Wall butterfly.

Unidentified white butterfly.

Food that I could eat along this path in season:
Wheat, Elderflower, Elderberries, Nettle, White Dead Nettle, Blackberries, Plantain, Sorrel.

Along a hedgerow of trees: Rowan, Beech, Sycamore, White Poplar, Silver Birch, Rowan in flower, stunted Beech, Sycamore, Maple, Gun placement, Concrete,White Poplar, Oak, Beech, Ash, Maple, Hawthorn.

2 Woodpigeons.

Lots of St Mark's flies.
Unidentified white butterfly.
Large White butterfly.
3 Skylarks.
2 Large white butterflies.

Growing against a stone wall along the path;
Cow Parsley,
White Dead Nettle,
Various grasses,
Various lichens,
Small ferns,
Ground Elder,
Sow Thistle.

2 Wall butterflies.
A Chaffinch.
A Blackbird.

Red Clover.
Spanish Bluebell.

A Sparrow."


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