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So my life is soon going to get a bit strange, wonderful, cold, scary, exciting...

I talked a whole lot on the last podcast about commitment and inferred that I was going to commit to my practice much more this year. Actually, I am going to commit to it completely and have given up my lovely job at BOM to have enough time to start a new project and lifestyle.

I am planning to take all the digital devices that I have been working on and with during the Drawn project on the road. Literally. I will be walking across different British landscapes testing the drawing devices and developing a character, The AuT Crone, a rather elderly cyborg who has been sent out into the world to report of the effects of climate change.

The AuT Crone character is still in very early stages of development and over the next 8 months I want to develop her further. I am thinking about how her story will be told and beginning to explore her physical manifestation, what will she look like? What will she wear? What tech is she using to report back to her mistresses?

I have a feeling the she will be heavily influenced by the Solar Punk movement and will possibly use foraged, found components and gear.

So, in order to fund this crazy project, which I can only do if I can live as cheaply as possible, I am selling as much of my art as possible. I'm feeling a bit strange about it really because I'm not really that interested in selling my work and am very conflicted as to how much I need/want to charge. Really, I'd much prefer to barter or to have people offer a price for the work, but at the moment I am  putting the work up in my new shop for a fixed price.

If I can raise enough cash, I will be able to buy a small car or van, if not, it's tent-life for me!

(If you would like to buy a pice of my work but can't afford the asking price please get in touch and we can work something out)
detail of an Ice Painting in my shop

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