I feel that I really struggle to communicate.
I often think about things that I would like to tweet, or write about on this blog, or even just say to another person, yet I don't do it. Something always blocks me, I don't know what.

I think a lot about the things I cannot see.

I have been thinking a lot about how to communicate, how to tell you about all the things I am thinking, about all the art I want to make.

As I'm struggling to do that, I'm going to do it as a list, I hope you don't mind.
I like lists.
 Lists are cope-able with.

A list about the art that I am making right now:
1. Ambit - A knitted work 4,392 stitches long and 32 stitches wide. (488" x 4")
The work is knit in white Norwegian sock yarn. The central 6 stitches represent the 6 autistic artists  who are part of the NUNO group show and are knit together in a cable pattern. Each section where the cables cross represents 1 mile. There are 488 miles in total between me and these artists.

2. Un-named audio work - A collection of all the silences in my unedited Welsh Gates Are Latched With Mensa Puzzles podcast. I sound like I speak very fluently on my podcasts, but that is only because I can edit my audio files. In reality there are long silences as I translate the images in my visual brain into verbal language.

3. Movement Drawings made using lo-tech and digital devices with data gathered from movement, heart rate and sleep patterns.

4. Un-named Digital work - digital drawings mapping walks I want to take, have taken or would like to take but that are impossible.

A list about the art I intend to make soon:
1. Communication Fail - I want to knit all the times that I couldn't speak, or misunderstand something someone else says. I think this will be knit in the round with knit only stitches and yarn overs for every time communication fails.

2. Ongoing drawing works made on walks that will map my body movement and that will express something about time, effort, silence and aloneness.

3. An art walk from Stratford on Avon to Oxford

4. Video work - I have already amassed quite a bit of video, but never put it online so I am  planning to do that soon. This work is generally connected to the work I have been doing with natural processes and weather phenomena.

5. A generative knitted work informed by sleep data captured on my Garmin device.

A list of longings:
1. The time to make work.
2. Figuring out how to better tell you what I am thinking and making.
3. A van.
4. The opportunity to sell some of my work, so that I can buy a van.

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