Walking with Rachel Henaghan

The finished drawing made by Rachel Henaghan using my drawing device

Part of the work I am researching for Drawn, is looking at how I can capture emotional responses to being in certain landscapes using both lo tech and digital drawing devices.

Due to various technical and non-residency issues, I have been struggling to get the digital drawing devices to become a reality. However,  have had some successes using the lo tech device, recording an emotional response to being in the environment by using different coloured pens, corresponding subjectively to an emotional state.

The red ink represents moments of high stress, purple is lesser stress, green is low stress.

Recently I had an opportunity to go for a short walk with artist Rachel Henaghan (listen to the podcast here). I got Rachel to carry a lo-tech drawing device and select from 3 coloured pens as she walked and experienced the environment. We walked through a small town centre and into a country park. The majority of the time we were in the park.

The various marks are created by the movements made while walking. 
I received great feedback from Rachel, who enjoyed listening to the podcast and who felt that walking and using the drawing device might have "great therapeutic potential." Which is exactly what I hoped would be the outcome when using the devices. I am now keener than ever to walk with other people and allow them to experience and give feedback about using the devices.

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