Diary Entry: 3

Walking into my local town centre I realise that what I would like to do is develop a Cyborg construct.
This fits in with my autistic neurology and sense of difference and the interest I currently have with robots, cyborgs and AI.

I want to explore this cyborg construct in relation to it’s relationship to the environment. Imagine a soft-bodied cyborg being wandering about in a post (or even pre-) apocalyptic world. Or the being exploring the Anthropocene landscape, noting climate change, wind speed etc; as well as it’s relationship/physical response to this.

Maybe the cyborg has been sent out to record the destruction of Earth by humans.

The cyborg would be equipped with certain data-capture devices which could be upgraded as the thing learns. We would need to be able to capture essential data about the cyborg itself, to know where it is and what it is doing. But the cyborg also needs to be able to capture objective and subjective data about its environment.

This data will then be turned into images.

It is focussed on responding to its environment, not people.

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