Diary Entry: 4

Thoughts on the project so far: Cybernetics – the study of closed-loop systems

The Crone – a buggered-up human + implants. Walking in a dress. Gender and age.

Radio programme today: a talk about how social media = emotion. Emotional expression, gathering emojis and ‘likes.’ This has the danger of belittling emotional responses (to disasters, death etc) but also conversely who everything has to have an emotional response – even robots and AI are valued when they are emotional (look at Kitty AI and love)

It struck me that I want to my work to come from an unemotional place – the hard data though, coded to be beautiful. The wind that moves the pen is dramatic, dynamic, but it is not emotional.
The drawing that ensues is exciting for me because it is both beautiful and surprising.

So I am exploring how to take the data generated by my own body and use it to draw. Like the wind does. But the wind drawings say nothing about ambient temperature, altitude etc. Though they do say something about wind speed and direction.

Also: using data to make a palimpsest – ie; with walking, each day’s drawing layered and becoming dense over time.

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