You are the Universe

Wonderful meditation session today, probably helped by an equally wonderful yoga session first (I just got the breathing connection!)

I meditated on a mental image that would express the notion that we are not separate entities.
Once upon a time 'I' existed inside the egg of my mother and the sperm of my father; I existed before my parents born in the beings of my grandparents. In fact I existed all the way back to before the Big Bang, when everything was potential.

The notion that I am an 'I' is a limited concept because the I that thinks is not the only thing that I am.

I thought about a soap bubble. How it is part of the liquid, then taken out, filled with air and cast adrift. When the bubble bursts it returns to liquid. The I that is Susan is like that soap bubble.

I need to paint this.

I'm not feeling particularly well today but I did find the energy to start making new work.

These are rain paintings that I then worked over with blue paint. I'm enjoying these.

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