Love Letter to an Inanimate Object. No3

To all my Boots.

Oh Boots! 
Dear beloved Boots, 
I love you.

There have been quite a few of you over the years; from my those lovely green and red suede ones I had as a teenager, to the ridiculously ugly, chunky ones I’m wearing now, I love you all.

Sometimes we began our journey together with blisters, but with perseverance and time we all grew together (apart from those patent DM ones, that relationship never gelled). 
It was love at first sight with all of you though.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy you made me. Especially at the height of your being, when we fitted each other so comfortably, before you became worn down with work.
Do you remember the journeys we took? The hundreds and hundreds of miles we’ve walked together? The water we strode through, the hills and valleys we explored.
I’m sorry so much of your life took place on tarmac (I’m sorry about that for myself too. Why did we never manage to find the countryside life we expected to have?)

Dear Boots, you always made me happy. I want you to know I appreciated you every time I laced you up. Boots are the most wonderful things. You enabled me to walk about the world. You made me feel grounded and strong. It has always been a great sadness when you have grown old and worn out and had to be retired.

Know that I always wore you right to the end, I was always committed to our relationship right up until the last possible moment. Some of you were literally in holes at the end.

I wish there could be such a thing as everlasting boots, so I would never have to say goodbye.

Boots, thank you. I will continue to love you, all the ones that have been and all the ones that might yet come.

With deepest affection,

Me xxx

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