Love Letter to an Inanimate Object. No2

 To my old Hewlett Packard Camera.

Dear Camera,
Even though you have now passed on, I want you to know I loved you. 
(Though I am sure you felt that vibe when we were together)

Oh! All the adventures we went on together! 

Do you remember the walks we took? I was at University, you were my constant companion and together we explored the world. We looked at trees, at sky, at rain on water and water on stone. You captured every passing shaft of light, the drawings made by winter trees, you saw things I didn’t realise were there sometimes.

Your eye helped my eye and together we made some beautiful images.

I loved the heft of you, the feeling of rightness when you were in my hand. The curve of your body where your battery sat fitted perfectly into my palm. When I held you and we walked out into the world, I felt so centered, relaxed, joyful.

Dear Camera, you have passed on now. Though increasingly battered and scratched you always worked perfectly until the day your screen died and then your software glitched and that was that.

It’s been about 6 years and I still miss you. No other camera has fit me so perfectly and so no other camera has worked with me quite as you did. Maybe it was the freshness and newness of our adventure that meant we made so much lovely work together, but I do know that I’ve never quite managed such good images with anyone else.

Thank you for being in my life. I miss you.

With love,

Me xxx

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