Love Letter to an Inanimate Object. No1

Dear Pencils and Pens,

I love you.

(If love is feeling happiness, gratitude, unchanging affection, a desire for the wellbeing of another and a joyful little physical sensation somewhere in the region of the diaphragm when looking upon the beloved, then I do. I love you.)

You have been my companions for 50 years.
Because of you I was able to draw feelings and emotions I didn't know how to express any other way. We have told stories together and explored the world together. Our love affair began when I was such a little child and it has never gone away. I hope you are with me right until the end.

When I use you it is like dancing on paper.

You have challenged me; those days when I can't get into the flow.
You have given me so much joy; those times when I have been lost in the pleasure of the line.
You are always there, always available. You have been one of the greatest, most consistent joys of my life. Of course I love you.

Like any relationships, some of you fit me better than others; 4b and I have rarely agreed whereas black Bic pen and I have shared some wonderful times. Sharpies are valued for their enthusiasm to mark anything, even though they are rather brash and bossy. Some of you pencils have misbehaving erasers, but that's not really your fault. The aristocratic elegance of fountain pens have beguiled from time to time and I'm sure that there is an adventure waiting for me and Kuretake pens, even though we have struggled in the past.

Of course, words are insufficient to really express my love. That's why we draw together isn't it? When we draw, we can say anything and everything. When we draw our eloquence is never in question. Even if only you and I ever see the drawing. We know. We are together.

Dear pencils and pens, thank you for everything.

With much love,
Me xxx

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