Beginner's Mind 2/2

I have been working a great deal with meditation and mindfulness practice recently. Every day I have sat in meditation and every day my mind has been thinking about circles. Not metaphorically, actual circles made of ink on paper.

Over and over again I have seen in my mind these circles.

I realised that I wanted to simplify my practice. So I have put away all my tools, pens, notebooks, material, yarn and kept just 8 items: paper, 2 notebooks, 2 brushes, a bottle of black ink, a pencil and a camera.

With these things I am going back to the beginning and making work in silence, paying attention to space and with the most basic materials.

Zen buddhist monk and teacher, Shunryu Suzuki, wrote a very famous book called Zen Mind, Beginners Mind which I first read when I was a teenager. In it he explains the importance of the beginner's mind, when one has no prior experience and therefore no fixed ideas about an outcome. To practice meditation with beginner's mind means being absolutely in the moment. This is what I am attempting the explore and experience with the circle drawings.

I'm interested in the work that I produce after a session of meditation, when I am at my stillest and most attentive to the moment. Inscribing a circle seems the perfect vehicle to explore this idea.

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