A brush made with my hair

I was really pleased with my work today.

Firstly, I made two brushes. One is made with my own hair (saved from when I had it long). I didn't make the brush amazingly well because I was rushing a bit. The handle of the brush is a length of Himalayan honeysuckle which I grow in the garden and which is hollow inside. But it's all bound together with gaffer tape because I couldn't wait for the glue to dry.

I'm using a pot that I made from clay dug out of the garden and fired in a pit kiln I made in the garden. I really like using it. It's rough and beautiful.

The circle I got with the hair brush was rather nice. The photo I took of it was terrible and blurred. I've overlaid a pink circle in Photoshop and can see that this is probably the most circular circle I've done so far.

I then made a brush using the tips of some willow (also from the garden). This made lovely circles and also wanted to make more gestural marks. So I did.

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