A Manifesto for Making Work

This is my manifesto for making my work:

Go Outside: because it's always interesting out there. Because it is what I need to make work about. Because the Earth is in trouble and it needs us.

Do What You Love: because I am too old to continue worrying about what other people think. Because if I make work with love, doing what brings me joy that will make my bit of the world a better place, which will help to make the whole world a better place.

Accept Poverty: because that will make me free to make decisions with courage, not with fear. If I need something I cannot afford, ask for it. Gift work because it comes to me freely and should be freely given. If someone wants to pay me, that's a bonus.

Allow Time: stop rushing and learn to trust.

Consider Space: space and time are one and the same. Work needs to be encircled with space so that it can come into being quietly. On the page, consider space. The thing that is not there is as important as the thing that is. The placement of work in a space is of vital importance.

Breathe: breathe in, breathe out. Be here.

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